Crash Bandicoot™ 4: It’s About Time - Official Soundtrack

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Crash Bandicoot

Il y a 5 mois

Listen to the incredible Soundtrack from Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time.
It’s About Time - for a brand-wumping new Crash Bandicoot game! Crash fourward into a time-shattered adventure with your favorite marsupials.
Neo Cortex and N. Tropy are back at it again and launching an all-out assault on not just this universe, but the entire multiverse! Crash and Coco are here to save the day by reuniting the Four Quantum masks and bending the rules of reality.
New abilities? Check. More playable characters? Yep. Alternate dimensions? Obviously. Ridonkulous bosses? For sure. Same awesome sauce? You bet your sweet jorts. Wait, are they actually jorts? Not in this universe!
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Intro: (00:00:00)
It's About Time: (00:00:01)
Rude Awakening: (00:01:00)
N. Sanity Peak: (00:03:14)
N. Sanity Peak - Spirit Chase: (00:06:12)
A Real Grind: (00:07:28)
Crash Compactor: (00:09:34)
Hit the Road: (00:12:12)
Hit the Road - Truck Chase: (00:14:07)
Stage Dive: (00:15:23)
Booty Calls: (00:17:36)
Hook, Line and Sinker: (00:20:16)
Jetboard Jetty: (00:22:27)
Jetboard Jetty - Jetboard: (00:25:09)
Give it a Spin: (00:26:21)
Draggin' On: (00:28:57)
Off-Balance: (00:31:49)
Trouble Brewing: (00:34:25)
Off Beat: (00:37:00)
Home Cookin': (00:39:34)
Run it Bayou: (00:42:02)
Run it Bayou - Jetboard: (00:43:58)
Snow Way Out: (00:45:15)
Stay Frosty: (00:46:50)
Bears Repeating: (00:49:37)
Bears Repeating - Polar Ride: (00:51:08)
4th Time's a Charm: (00:52:16)
Blast to the Past: (00:54:22)
Fossil Fueled: (00:57:10)
Dino Dash: (00:59:51)
Dino Dash - Dino Chase: (01:01:21)
Out for Launch: (01:02:19)
Stowing Away: (01:04:45)
Crash Landed: (01:07:13)
Crash Landed - Shnurgle Ride: (01:09:08)
A Hole in Space: (01:10:30)
Food Run: (01:13:58)
Rush Hour - Dingo: (01:16:28)
Rush Hour - Tawna: (01:18:01)
The Crate Escape: (01:19:25)
Nitro Processing: (01:21:11)
Toxic Tunnels: (01:23:54)
Cortex Castle: (01:26:28)
The Past Unmasked: (01:28:41)

Coco the cute girl bandicoot
Coco the cute girl bandicoot Il y a jour
My favorite is stay frosty food run rush hour tawna bears repeating
Aaron Faraday
Aaron Faraday Il y a 2 jours
Can we get this on major streaming platforms, Activision??
Alanis Giuliano Maturana Garrido
Alanis Giuliano Maturana Garrido Il y a 6 jours
Joder que buen juego la puta madre, lastima que me lo piratie, prometo comprarlo fisico cuando tenga una consola
Jonathan Gilmer
Jonathan Gilmer Il y a 7 jours
The composer did a great job following in the footsteps of Josh Mancell & the composers for Wrath of Cortex (Andy Blythe & Martin Joustra). I feel like The Wrath of Cortex OST actually had a big impact on the soundtrack of Crash 4. Just a hunch though!
Luciano Sardiña
Luciano Sardiña Il y a 12 jours
Hasaa Il y a 12 jours
Le Comme iL Faut
Le Comme iL Faut Il y a 14 jours
1:23:54 , 1:19:25 + Rude Awaling and N.Sanity Peak - Beautiful tracks, i can sense some notes from old snes Donkey ost, and Crash4 VERY beautiful game itself, like that game should have been donkeys!
Diego Suarez
Diego Suarez Il y a 18 jours
50:10 this part it remember me to Crash Mind over mutant xd
Leonid Svizzera
Leonid Svizzera Il y a 20 jours
Dissapointment!!! They use SAME MELODIES FROM CRASH 1 2 3 . where are new original songs?!
Salvatore La Spada
Salvatore La Spada Il y a 21 jour
19:25 so pirate!
Mega Hydreigon
Mega Hydreigon Il y a 22 jours
5:25 this is badass, like a Jungle Thriller
Edward Beers Santamaria
Edward Beers Santamaria Il y a 26 jours
1:02:45 did you notice Nitrus Oxide was there ??
Anti-Pets Gamer
Anti-Pets Gamer Il y a 28 jours
There are some jewels that seem a little impossible to discover on your own.Or illustrations to encourage the player to explore the game. Or turn off the music near the jewel and leave a suspense atmosphere in the air. And after the person who plays the music many times gets sick then the sound of when we take 3 uka-uka masks does not work with the music turned off, this should be fixed. Tem umas joias que parece meio impossível descobrir sozinho. Ou ilustração para encorajar o jogador explorar o jogo. Ou desligar a musica proximo da joia e deixar um clima de suspense no ar. E para depois que a pessoa que joga muitas vezes as vezes a musica enjoa então o som de quando pegamos 3 mascaras uka-uka não funciona com a musica desligada, deveria ser consertado isso.
Nathan Hunter
Nathan Hunter Il y a 29 jours
Food run is the McDonald's theme
HellGrimo Il y a mois
Took me 37 hours to finish. Picked some additional gems in N Verted levels. Did all optional levels. Never going to complete this game. Uninstalled. Possibly the prettiest and best animated game in the series. Possibly one of the games with steepest difficulty and least amount of fun factor. Biggest amount of padding as well. The worst game of Crash I played (considering originals and N Sane Trilogy for me). Happy to be done with it.
SilverReaps Il y a mois
Crash landed goes so hard
Dylan HD
Dylan HD Il y a mois
01:10:30 a woah in space!!!
Ryan Carberry
Ryan Carberry Il y a mois
43:58 This isn't the version played in the final game. This is a scrapped version that would've been used for a Ripper Roo boss fight at the end of the Run It Bayou level.
SlamBolts Il y a mois
The Snow Go throwback in Stay Frosty always gives me the chills, and no, I'm not sorry.
Aishat Arslan
Aishat Arslan Il y a mois
I am having a really bad time deciding which one is the best ! 😍🔥👌
Shaun Rose
Shaun Rose Il y a mois
Great soundtrack, & I'm pleased that this was released onto this channel; but aren't the level images for 'Fossil Fueled' and 'Blast to the Past' the wrong way around?
Teo Nurbel
Teo Nurbel Il y a mois
So happy to finally play this game on switch ! Waiting for 1 year !! Keep goin' with the Bandicoot serie ! You really make me feel like if I was playing on Ps1 !
Marcos Vinicius
Marcos Vinicius Il y a mois
stay frosty is a remix of topgear main title oO
Lagzery Il y a mois
This sucks
KineLead Il y a mois
Agoraphobic News
Agoraphobic News Il y a mois
Activision: so how much xylophone do you want? Crash Bandicoot: Yes
PatrickM1995 Il y a mois
I am hetero sexual
Zippowned Orm
Zippowned Orm Il y a mois
12:15 i paused the game and started to dance like dashie xp
NOT Mirage
NOT Mirage Il y a mois
Y'know, I think in some places it actually sounds better than the actual game!
Adriaugu Il y a mois
some of them is so chilling sick
anarchy intensifies
anarchy intensifies Il y a mois
Anyone knows when will they release the oficial soundtrack on Spotify or Apple Music or something like that?
D.G.S A777
D.G.S A777 Il y a mois
see friends toys for bob the thrut is that the sountracks are crap they are not like the legendary music that we have been listening to from crash bandicoot until i enjoy the music of twinsanity or the warth of cortex this did not have what we wanted to be honest and fix it
Erika Duran
Erika Duran Il y a mois
1:00 whoever listens this HAS TO know its Crash Bash!! asasfdsgvsakfa
ジョジョ Il y a mois
Good work but not as good as David Wise ambiance music (donkey Kong tropical freeze)
Korvo H
Korvo H Il y a mois
Booty Calls The best...
Aikuisviihteen arkkipiispa
Aikuisviihteen arkkipiispa Il y a mois
Cortex Castle is an absolute banger
SansLucy21 Il y a mois
Why is there not the Flashback tape tracks here
SansLucy21 Il y a mois
@Bails3003 okay
Bails3003 Il y a mois
Because it’s just old tracks from the ps1 games
H. Turton
H. Turton Il y a mois
Hit the road’s a slapper
BeefCola Il y a mois
Stay Frosty is such a perfect track for a Crash game. The Cold Hard Crash riff in the middle just brings me back to playing Crash 2 as kid
Jay Wright
Jay Wright Il y a mois
Best game in my hopefully valid opinion
Maxim Olehash
Maxim Olehash Il y a mois
Imo 4th Time's a Charm has to be the best OST in the game
koda kuukuu
koda kuukuu Il y a mois
Wrong Music!
koda kuukuu
koda kuukuu Il y a mois
Blast to the past and Fossil Fueled Switched music
Bails3003 Il y a mois
Haiku Oezu
Haiku Oezu Il y a mois
This is cool and all but can we get these on Spotify or iTunes? I really dig the intros on some of them and I'd really like to have them as separate tracks
Nano Berastegui Hollman
Nano Berastegui Hollman Il y a mois
A hole in space
Nano Berastegui Hollman
Nano Berastegui Hollman Il y a mois
Mi favorito es
TammyTheRanger Il y a 2 mois
Nintendo: You upload music from our video games for others to enjoy listening to? How cute. **hits them with a ban hammer** Activision:
Shooting Dio
Shooting Dio Il y a 2 mois
Nintendo: Listen, I see the soundtrack uploaded, one of your family members get shot Activision Blizzard: Wanna see what the soundtrack sounds like? I’ll show you the entire album on FRfix
Guri setiawan ??
Guri setiawan ?? Il y a 2 mois
This Video Remembering Me Of Albirdvamprince :'(
Bails3003 Il y a mois
@Kaiser Allen
Guri setiawan ??
Guri setiawan ?? Il y a 2 mois
@Kaiser Allen Shit....
Kaiser Allen
Kaiser Allen Il y a 2 mois
@Guri setiawan ?? He said he's tired of getting banned and wouldn't make another channel again. :(
Guri setiawan ??
Guri setiawan ?? Il y a 2 mois
@Kaiser Allen I hope He Make a New Channel And Didnt Post Something From Nintendo
Kaiser Allen
Kaiser Allen Il y a 2 mois
You can thank Nintendo. He posted songs from their games and got banned for it. It's a shame. I used to frequent his page.
Dox_122 Il y a 2 mois
Thuis game is so good
Alejandro Jose Figueroa Estremor
Alejandro Jose Figueroa Estremor Il y a 2 mois
soundtracks de lo mejor
Rafael Garcia
Rafael Garcia Il y a 2 mois
1:26:27 my favorite!
Charman Drigo
Charman Drigo Il y a 2 mois
please tell me this will get a CD/digital release...
Katherine Tyler
Katherine Tyler Il y a 2 mois
00:48:35. You know you're getting closer when you hear HIS theme.
dikel494 Il y a 2 mois
Meanwhile, on the Nintendo Switch Eshop: $40 for this brand new game and Nintendo charges $60 for Wii U ports.
Penguin Bandicoot Z
Penguin Bandicoot Z Il y a 2 mois
Al final este juego me decepciono mucho, realmente, no solo por los diseños también por la historia, la banda sonora olvidable y su humor todo pedorro, la jugabilodad tampoco se salva porque no me pareció un juego divertido sino mas bien frustrante, en fin podría decir mucho del porque no me gusto
anarchy intensifies
anarchy intensifies Il y a mois
Te arde?
Yhan Statikk
Yhan Statikk Il y a 2 mois
git gud noob
Penguin Bandicoot Z
Penguin Bandicoot Z Il y a 2 mois
Gracias Toys for Derp por cagarte en mi franquicia favorita de los videojuegos, gracias a Nicholas Cole por hacer mierda a mis personajes favoritos, gracias al compositor por hacer la banda sonora mas aburrida de la franquicia y gracias a los escritores por hacer mierda la historia y el lore y por meter comedia cringe e inecesaria, muchas gracias .!..
Matiaz Animates
Matiaz Animates Il y a mois
git gud noob
Penguin Bandicoot Z
Penguin Bandicoot Z Il y a 2 mois
Que banda sonora tan poco memorable zzzzzzz
anarchy intensifies
anarchy intensifies Il y a mois
Acabas de utilizar el “Zzz” como parte de tu argumento de manera legítima y No irónicamente? Bro... por qué?
Janus Escobar
Janus Escobar Il y a 2 mois
Am I the only one that was dissapointed with this soundtrack compared with Mancell's work?
José Luis Escobar
José Luis Escobar Il y a mois
@Kaiser Allen As a composer myself I've always thought that the leitmotifs are the core of a successful and enjoyable soundtrack. I think they are completely absent in Crash Bandicoot but it is correct what you express. Due to the bigger environments they needed sort of a dynamic soundtrack. This is like playing a Donkey Kong Country game without David Wise's Soundtrack...
Kaiser Allen
Kaiser Allen Il y a 2 mois
Think of it as an evolution. The themes from the original trilogy are jingles based on the environment. While this game's soundtrack is a part of a larger set piece, and is dependent on what happens on screen. It exists to complement the adventure, not to throw beats in your face at any given moment.
Revvylo !
Revvylo ! Il y a 2 mois
Yes, you are.
Mohamed Hassaan
Mohamed Hassaan Il y a 2 mois
Its almost like in stage dive every time i move it get closer
Oscar Flores
Oscar Flores Il y a 2 mois
I need those song on spotify
Владос Il y a 2 mois
Komplexitet Il y a 2 mois
Wait. An official channel uploading its OST? Amazing!!! :D :D :D
CloudRacer07 Il y a 2 mois
Can we please get this soundtrack on Spotify? It is so good and the insane trilogy's soundtrack is on there.
Eduardo Reyes
Eduardo Reyes Il y a 2 mois
Mi favorito es "a Hole in Space"
Matheus Phelipe
Matheus Phelipe Il y a 2 mois
This game is sooooooooooo amazing! I'm very proud of your return ❤
Lagarok199 Il y a 2 mois
are those illustrations the original game concepts?
Esteban :D
Esteban :D Il y a 2 mois
PC2000 Il y a 2 mois
I can't explain it: it SOUNDS like traditional Crash Bandicoot music, but...better? Like, I really liked the Josh Mancell soundtracks, but this is like, a whole new level. I LOVE it.
Janus Escobar
Janus Escobar Il y a 2 mois
It is not better than Josh Mancell's work. The only flaw this game has is the soundtrack. It is so generic and yes, it includes a lot of nice tunes now and then but Mancell's work was focused on catchy leitmotiffs. This soundtrack does not have one theme that you could hum or remember after playing the game. It is almost as the composer thought that the soundtrack should focus on implementing tribal instrumentation and completely forgot about the catchy melody. Nevertheless the overall production and instrumentation is far better than the original PSX soundtrack.
Kaiser Allen
Kaiser Allen Il y a 2 mois
It's the live instrumentation, I think.
Scudge Il y a 2 mois
21:00 the backing in portions of Hook, Line and Sinker reminds me of A Hat in Times Rush Hour, soo good XD
samthegamer2004 Il y a 2 mois
00:43:58 ripper roo
Nathan Bender
Nathan Bender Il y a 3 mois
RUN IT BAYOU! Outstanding track :D
GB Púas
GB Púas Il y a 3 mois
1:19:25 Underrated :c
Blue polis
Blue polis Il y a 3 mois
Lets all stay frosty
Joaquín M
Joaquín M Il y a 3 mois
This gave me the idea to play Crash 4
Gang . ExE
Gang . ExE Il y a 3 mois
Where’s the SoundCloud guys?
pottytrainers3 Il y a 3 mois
How about a Vinyl release? I'd have this playing all the time
Brobuscus Il y a 3 mois
Why am I just now noticing that the jetboard music in Run It Bayou is just a remix of Ripper Roo’s theme Actually, why is it a remix of Ripper Roo’s theme?
Kaiser Allen
Kaiser Allen Il y a 2 mois
@Lummo He was going to be the boss of "Run It Bayou".
Lummo Il y a 3 mois
originally ripper roo was going to be a boss at the end of jetboard jetty i think
fokuh_visuals Il y a 3 mois
This is the best soundtrack: 45:15
Straxx Il y a 2 mois
So good!
InTheEnd75 Il y a 3 mois
Listening to get ready for his arrival in smash
Captain Coolz — CT-3001
Captain Coolz — CT-3001 Il y a 3 mois
Yup, hopefully we get some Crash 4 and Crash: Wrath Of Cortex Music!
PlasmWraith_Jake Il y a 3 mois
If Crash gets into Smash, I bet we get at least a couple of these songs among the music lineup. At least the main theme.
Jezu Zu
Jezu Zu Il y a 3 mois
Stage Dive is SO good wtf xD
dr cockmongler
dr cockmongler Il y a 3 mois
the snakeAss Lord
James Highcock
James Highcock Il y a 3 mois
Love it guys! What an amazing game you made for us Crash fans
Daniel García
Daniel García Il y a 3 mois
Please! We need a physical release of this awesome soundtrack!
AbdulTheArabicGuy Il y a 3 mois
Absolutely a banger of a soundtrack. God what a fantastic game. I LOVE those extra choirs on Stay Frosty.
Kaiser Allen
Kaiser Allen Il y a 2 mois
I play this every day! Gets me going at work.
Joshua Sage
Joshua Sage Il y a 3 mois
1:11:45- Becomes a real banger in "A Hole in Space".
Jimmy P
Jimmy P Il y a 3 mois
This soundtrack has really grown on me. Booty Calls, in particular, is a great theme - especially the grinding section and the end part.
Kaiser Allen
Kaiser Allen Il y a 2 mois
"Off-Balance" is probably my favorite. It's so out of place and so un-Crash that I can't help but love it. It's so weird for this game to have something that different.
Juan Cruz Riveros Perez
Juan Cruz Riveros Perez Il y a 3 mois
N.gin Battle Music,15:23
Sofia Jung
Sofia Jung Il y a 3 mois
6:40 when you think about it that spirit kinda looks like one off those monsters that N.Brio throws at you in the bossfight
Megan Burns
Megan Burns Il y a 3 mois
Pedro Silva
Pedro Silva Il y a 3 mois
Fun Fact: Every music when it is in 2x speed is when you are using Akano
Megan Burns
Megan Burns Il y a 3 mois
The musicians were overqualified lol
Rene Cortes
Rene Cortes Il y a 3 mois
Mi favorito es stage Dive" 15:23
Rene Cortes
Rene Cortes Il y a 3 mois
Like si tú también
Maxid Alexander
Maxid Alexander Il y a 3 mois
اسمي على التوكتوك maksd
Everett DeLong
Everett DeLong Il y a 3 mois
It's amazing how music can actually give your body a chill when you listen to specific parts
luke or lucas
luke or lucas Il y a 3 mois
hes back folks
Coco ter
Coco ter Il y a 3 mois
Gábriel Farkas
Gábriel Farkas Il y a 3 mois
17:36 is my favorite😍
Vila Cortez Silva
Vila Cortez Silva Il y a 3 mois
Wau que nostalgico
Son Joshku
Son Joshku Il y a 3 mois
Master piece of a game worth the wait now about crash bandicoot 5 uka uka uncaged 😏
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